What I Eat In A Day – Vegan & Climbing Fuel

Hello everybody! Today I’m trying my best to forget that it’s the beginning of another week, and bringing you my ‘What I Ate’ from the weekend. It was Nathan’s 22nd birthday on Friday so we had a gooden’ and cooked up some of Nathan’s favorites!

I really hope you enjoy and I’ll see you really soon for a climbing blog post.:)

(How sad is it that I almost signed off this post with Best wishes?! Work is dizzying.)

What I Ate | Vegan – Couples Climbing and Pancakes

Hi guys,

A very bleary eyed welcome to a new blog post this Monday morning, as I’m sipping on my coffee and taking in the smell of toast and pastries from the office kitchen! Today I’m hitting you with another What I Ate post, to accompany the video I recently posted to my YouTube. These are still my favorite videos to film, and I’ve really been enjoying adding a slightly more ‘vlog-like’ element like I used to! I find this is a really lovely way to remember the things I got up to over the weekend, in between scoffing down tasty vegan treats!

I really hope you enjoy!