Time (A Short)

“Sometimes I feel like if you just watch things, just sit still and let the world exist in front of you – sometimes I swear that just for a second time freezes and the world pauses in its tilt. Just for a second. And if you somehow found a way to live in that second, then you would live forever.”

Happy Friday,

Tomorrow I head South to Nathan’s parents house to begin a road trip over to France, but before I go, I wanted to post this short video I put together on Time and July.

Let me know what you think. 🙂

Hannah x



“Go outside. Don’t tell anyone and don’t bring your phone. Start walking and keep walking until you no longer know the road like the palm of your hand, because we walk the same roads day in and day out, to the bus and back home and we cease to see. We walk in our sleep and teach our muscles to work without thinking and I dare you to walk where you have not yet walked and I dare you to notice. Don’t try to get anything out of it, because you won’t. Don’t try to make use of it, because you can’t. And that’s the point. Just walk, see, sit down if you like. And be. Just be, whatever you are with whatever you have, and realize that that is enough to be happy. There’s a whole world out there, right outside your window. You’d be a fool to miss it.”

The less free time I have, the more time I enjoy. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, if you think about it for too long but I think I’m realizing more and more that the small moments spent feeling carefree and content are the most valuable. Weekends spent like these ones, exploring the woods and bouldering in the sunshine seem to divide the constant, self-made pressures of life on fast forward so much that I can’t really help but think that life was intended to be simpler. Yet I’m more appreciative than I can remember. I think it all comes down to a gratitude for what you have, in the here and now, because things will never be the same as they are in this moment. By not stopping to appreciate the small moments, I’ll lose them. And eventually, my life will go the same way. I’d be a fool to miss it.




Vegan Food, Rock Climbing and Sunshine appreciation post

Hi guys,

This weekend just passed was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. You know the one’s where you don’t want the hours to be passing so quickly, one of those. Nathan and I spent some really fun time together, playing with this little puppy and climbing in the sunshine and I filmed it…so here it is!